EPLInForm Staff

Name: Khaled

EPL Side: Chelsea F.C.

Also Supports: Inter Milan and Al-Ahly

How does some random kid from the San Francisco Bay Area come to support the Blues of West London? The answer is a summer full of a strange mix of watching World Cup soccer and a healthy dose of Winning Eleven 8 on the original Xbox. Before the World Cup in 2006, I was a very casual fan only familiar with the big name clubs around the world but Chelsea was not one of them. Catching the fever watching international soccer, my friends and I transitioned from battling it out in Madden to arguing whether or not the wonder strike we just scored in Winning Eleven 8 was “on purpose”.  Most would play with United or “Man Red” as they were called in the game so I would choose Chelsea or “West London Blue” and fell in love. Essentially, I chose Chelsea because everyone I knew who followed the Premier League was a United supporter and I wanted to be different. I know that sounds a little lame, but it was meant to be!  Since I’ve started following Chelsea religiously, they’ve won an FA Cup or two, the Premiership, and the Champions League. Not bad for a relatively short time!

If you have a bone to pick with me over one of my posts, or if you just want to say hey, you can email me at khaledsportsdeli@gmail.com

Ahmed Faraj Ahmed

Manchester United

Also Supports: Juventus, Barcelona, Marseille

Since I was a little boy playing in a small soccer league I always had soccer players that I looked up to in Romario, Baggio, Batistuta, Bergkamp and most importantly Eric Cantona. It was the Frenchman’s swagger with his collar popped and the young boys that Sir Alex Ferguson entrusted that made me fall in love with the Red Devils. As I grew older and began to understand the sport more I began to see more wisdom behind Sir Alex’s philosophy. I enjoy watching all sorts of teams, occasionally indulging myself in hours of Brazilian club soccer. Over the last decade I’ve enjoyed watching United grow as a club as they dominated the world stage in 2008 as they took on some of the greatest clubs of our time. Safe to say I love watching all sorts of clubs and I’m a great fan of clubs that play the sport beautifully occasionally indulging myself for hours by watching some of my favorite teams in the Brasileirão.

 If you want to share some cool soccer videos and articles or just want to argue about how Sir Alex is a cheat , feel free to email me at afaraj@sbcglobal.net


One response to “EPLInForm Staff

  1. Alicia Johanneson

    As Albert Johanneson’s daughter, it is still extremely sad for me to see that racism continues to be a part of the game that my father loved and played so well, regardless of the abuse he received. Hopefully, speaking out against it, as your site has done, will assist in putting an end to this consistent blight on what can be, and should be, a unifying sport.

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